• Productivity

    A client once shared this with me … let me know if you can relate?

    I sat down at my computer to do some writing for a report that was due at the end of the day – lots of time I though. Then I realized my coffee mug was empty. I went to the kitchen to make myself another cup. While I was in the kitchen, I loaded some dishes into the dishwasher and wiped down the cabinets. I headed back to my home office with my fresh mug of coffee and sat down at my computer again. It was time to write. So, I checked my Facebook. Then I checked Twitter. Then I responded to a few emails. I must focus! So, I opened the two documents I needed for the project I was writing on. Then I spent some time cleaning out my Twitter followers and reading some blog posts. Finally, I saw it was time to prepare supper. It was a busy day but I am not sure what I did all day or what I meant to do but I did a lot of things today, but I still have a lot to do.

    Day after day, we often find ourselves overwhelmed, overworked, and not in control of our time. So we use "busyness" as a badge of honor. But the question is not are we “busy” (who isn’t), the question actually is – are we productive.

    What is productivity ?

    Creating good habits and untangling bad habits

    so you can  achieve your outcome.

    However, a real danger is that often our Habits can become Handcuffs – they are what can keep us where we are, and from where we want to be.

    Yet here are two more truths:

         Everything worth doing has some sweat and hardwork involved!

         Everything worth reaching for is uphill with some kind of struggle.

    So our habits are designed to take us Up Hill. But the question is do some of our habits in fact take us downhill?

    Despite the ambition, commitment (and good intentions) we can find ourselves stuck in a rut and unable to move forward in achieving our goals. Often, the reason for this is that our habits are not in alignment with our goals.

    Are your habits taking you uphill or downhill?  Not sure what I am talking about? Well take a listen to these episodes from our You Can Make It So Podcast

    Episode 107 - Up Hill and Down Hill Habits

    Episode 106 - Increase Capacity

    I also encourage you to read our Blog posts on Time Management and Time Blocking. They are among some of the great tools we have available on our Make It So Platform

    Preparation, engagement, understanding, knowledge, and planning are essential to success. I know, it’s obvious. But if these were easily incorporated into our habits, everyone would do them…  So.... newsflash: Everything doesn’t matter equally. Setting priorities is essential.

    There are a lot of distractions in life and if we don’t have a system in place we can follow to filter that which is demanding our attention, that we can rely on as a framework, then we’re going to be, like my client in the opening story use to be  -  "busy" and not "productive".

    Remember at Phoenix Life Coaching Canada we work with individuals and teams helping them lead with confidence and grow in clarity. Find out more about how we can help you personally and professionally - reach out today - Do not hesitate to Contact me

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  • Staying Put Doesn't Take You Forward

    I am often asked to speak to groups, or offer webinars, on such topics as conflict resolution, stress management, communication, work life balance and emotional intelligence. While all of these area fall under the umbrella of Personal growth, there are three things I try and keep in mind (and maybe you could too) especially as we continue to launch forth into 2024:


    I often like to say “staying put does not take us forward.”  Not growing does not help us to overcome obstacles. It does not lead to progress. You’ll never get anywhere interesting if you always stay put.

    What does it take to get us to move out of our comfort zone and to move forward? Remember these two things:

    Mistakes are not failures. They are proof that we are making an effort. When we understand that, we can more easily move out of our comfort zone, try something new, and improve.

    Pressing Onward. The most common trait I have found in successful people is that they conquered the temptation to give up. Not being controlled by our feelings means that we can face our fears – an important part of growth.


    Everyone is looking for a quick fix. Personal growth doesn’t come to people who fixate on quick fixes. It comes to the slow but steady people who keep working at getting better. Shifting from quick fixes to continuous improvement means to follow the impulse to soar more than the desire to wallow – and to make that decision daily.


    It’s important for daily habits to have a daily touchpoint. Think about the things you keep close by. Would you wash your hands every day if the soap was three houses down? Would you remember to drink water if it was out of sight, and therefore out of mind? An activity I speak about often is the “Tomorrow Begins the Night Before”. Sort out your priorities and keep them close to you. Use whatever tools work most effectively for you. Our #Makeitso So Platform has over 100 tools and resources. Click here for more details.

    This month on our You Can Make It So Podcast we have featured a few key episodes on Personal Growth:

    Episode 105 - Tenacity

    Episode 103 - The Dream Killer

    Episode 102 - Strategy Matters - 3 Keys

    Episode 101 - Being a Highly Productive Leader 

    We also launched our 24 Books for 2024 year with two outstanding books:

    Real Time Leadership - David Noble and Carol Kauffman

    Executive Presence - Sylvia Ann Hewlett

    Remember at Phoenix Life Coaching Canada we work with individuals and teams helping them lead with confidence and grow in clarity. Find out more about how we can help you personally and professionally - reach out today - Do not hesitate to Contact me

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  • 2024: Are you interested or committed ?

    Welcome to 2024, a brand new year brimming with potential and opportunity.

    In these first few weeks of January, people are joining gyms, buying planners, and making bold claims of sweeping change in their New Year’s resolutions—a time-honored, but often fruitless tradition.

    Unfortunately, the reasons people resist change, and why resolutions often fail, are nuanced and many. Some of us have a difficult relationship with change. Some don’t see their goals clearly enough. Some have trouble managing their priorities to make change happen. And for some, it’s a complicated mix of all three.

    But for all the reasons they fail, there is one thing that all those who succeed have in common: commitment to a strategy.

    The reality is this - When you’re interested in something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results.

    If you want to experience transformation in the New Year, you must be committed – not merely interested. You must have a strategy not just a resolution. You must commit to habits not just a goal.

    These four exercises will help you create that transformation:

    1. Be Retrospective

    How would others describe you? Would they say that overall you are a casual or a committed person? How about when it comes to the things that are important to you?

    As you look at the change you wish to make is it rooted in your values? It’s difficult to develop commitment if you don’t see the fundamental reason for the change.

    As you look at the change you wish to make are you willing to accept the cost? Every change has a cost both in success and also one to be paid for lack of commitment. The cost might be monetary, but often it is in time, access or other things you wanted or are doing. If you don’t devote yourself to the change you want to make, what will you forfeit? And on the other hand, if you accept the cost, what benefit will you gain?

    2. Be Resolute

    A standard of excellence motivates daily discipline. Think about the change you’re trying to make this New Year. How have you approached it in the past? Have you committed the kind of time, attention, and resources to it that will allow you to accomplish it with a high degree of excellence? Be resolute in your approach to it. Then use that experience to examine how you approach the rest of your year.

    3. Be Resourceful

    Change is uncomfortable, and commitment is almost always inconvenient. Plan ahead to ensure your follow-through. What is your strategy for winning the battle to stay committed to your goal?

    Do you need inspiration or motivation? Think why you want to change, and keep reminders nearby to keep your resolution top-of-mind. Will accountability help you stay disciplined? Look for a coach to schedule weekly goal check-ins with you that will help you stay focused. Click here to find out more about One to One Coaching.

    Use whatever tools work most effectively for you. Our #Makeitso So Platform has over 100 tools and resources. Click here for more details.

    4. Be Open to Re Evaluating

    Commitment may be the one thing that will make or break the change you want to create this year, but all commitment is, is daily management of one or a few critical decisions.

    Have you already made a decision about what you will use this year to create? Ask yourself…

    Do I know what daily disciplines and practices will help me bring about the change I want to accomplish this year?

    Have I already made the decision to make and keep those commitments daily?

    If I have, when did I make that decision?

    What does that decision look like in practice?

    As you review the above, I also want to encourage you to consider the Highly Productive Leader Challenge. It is a personalized 21 Day Challenge beginning January 5th that doesn’t create a resolution - but rather a Strategy.

    The difference between goals that get realized, and goals that don’t, is the actualized presence or absence of a strategy and accountability.

    Together we will ……

    Master Your Time: Say farewell to distractions and hello to laser-focused clarity on your dreams and goals.

    Feel Energized Again: Forget about feeling stressed out and exhausted. Spend each day energized and working toward what matters most.

    Turn Your Goals into Reality: Ditch the endless to-do list that never get done. Start checking off your goals one by one—all without sacrificing time spent with family and friends.

    Learn How to Kindly and Confidently Say No: No more saying yes to things you really don’t want to do or need to do.

    Whether focusing on a healthier lifestyle, strengthening relationships, or achieving professional goals - hope, resolutions and determination will lead us there - but it is strategy and accountability that get us there!

    You can sign up now.     BEFORE January 5th when registration closes.

    Remember at Phoenix Life Coaching Canada we work with individuals and teams helping them lead with confidence and grow in clarity. Find out more about how we can help you personally and professionally - reach out today - Do not hesitate to Contact me

    Wishing you a 2024 of Thriving!

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  • Strategy not Resolution

    Approaching year-end is like reaching the last few pages of an excellent book; there’s that bittersweet feeling where you’re excited to see how it ends but also sad that it’s almost over. That’s where we are in 2023—it just so happens that this is also the perfect time to reflect, learn, and plan. It is why we focussed this month of December on Refect, Refine and Ramp Up.

    If December 2023 is like the bittersweet ending of a great book, then January 2024 represents the crisp blank pages of a book we’ve yet to write. Empty but overflowing with possibility.

    We must recognize that it’s not always about taking giant leaps; often, the small steps have the greatest impact. It is discipline in Habits that add up, slowly but surely moving us closer to where we want to be.

    Whether focusing on a healthier lifestyle, strengthening relationships, or achieving professional goals - hope, resolutions and determination will lead us there - but it is strategy and accountabilty that get us there!

    This coming month our focus will be about learning lessons for future growth opportunities through a focussed 21 day period of strategy and accountabilty - our High Productive Leader Challenge.

    The High Productive Leader Challenge will be limited in enrollment number with our Full Service Clients getting first spots. 

    The difference between goals that get realized, and goals that don’t, is the actualized presence or absence of a strategy and accountabilty.

    Our High Productive Leader Challenge is a personalized 21 Day Challenge begins January 5th (when all the hoopla of New Years is over) that takes the results of your Reflect, Refine and Ramp Up, and doesn’t create a resolution - but rather a strategy.

    Imagine starting and finishing 2024 feeling ENERGIZED, AMBITIOUS, and on track to achieve your GOALS - you can sign up now.

    Remember at Phoenix Life Coaching Canada we work with individuals and teams helping them lead with confidence and grow in clarity.

    Find out more about how we can help you personally and professionally - reach out today - Do not hesitate to Contact me 

    Wishing you a 2024 of Thriving!

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  • Reflect, Refine, and Ramp up,

    Michael Jordan played 15 seasons in the NBA. But he only won 6 championships. Does that mean that the other nine seasons were failures? Absolutely Not!

    There are days of success and days of struggle.

    Some days we win, and the other days we learn!

    Some days it’s your turn and some days it is someone else’s turn.

    But every experience offers you a chance to learn lessons, re- evaluate goals and instill better habits. There is no day that is a failure.

    The question should never be - Am I failing? The question should be am I improving?

    With every set back or unmet expectation, am I getting better at what it will take to get me to where I want to be, so that the season I am in will be a championship season!

    It is one of the reasons why I like “year end” - because it is a time to Reflect, Refine, and Ramp up, not from opposition found in an unmet objective, but toward the opportunity of a greater goal in the season ahead.

    As you: wrap up 2023, how are you bringing your worth and value into 2024?

    This is the time to Reflect, Refine, and Ramp up, not from opposition found in an unmet objective, but toward the opportunity of a greater goal in the season ahead.

    That will be our focus this month in all our One to One Coaching sessions, and on our Podcast as we walk through these three steps toward ensuring you are ready for 2024:

    Episode 97 - Reflect

    Episode 98 – Refine

    Episode 99 – Ramp Up

    Remember at Phoenix Life Coaching Canada we work with individuals and teams helping them lead with confidence and grow in clarity.

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    Great Leaders Don’t Grow Alone


  • Time Management

    Deadlines, and a to-do list that seems to get longer each day, often make us boldly trying to fulfill goals to “manage time better,” “be more productive,” and “focus on what matters.” Time Management seems to be an enduring dream, and a very real nightmare for many.

    It is true that time is your most valuable, non-replenishing resource. You can always make more money, but you cannot make more time. You must learn to manage your time wisely. 

    It is equally true that poor time management results in well intentioned leaders who consistently allow the urgent to overwhelm the important.

    This month we focus on managing your time effectively as an important professional skill to develop. Having strong time-management skills can ultimately lead to accomplishing key goals and advancing in your career. It can also lead to a great sense of calm in your personal life.

    On Episode 92 of the You Can Make It So Podcast we introduced Four Principles of Great Time Management.

    1. Schedule your values.

    2. Say ‘no’ to many small things to say ‘yes’ to a few big things.

    3. Create artificial deadlines for increased effectiveness.

    4. Empower others

    These four principles aide us also in tackling a Myth of Time Management - Multi Tasking. 

    The  title “Multitasker”  is a badge of honor many like to wear. It’s almost as if we celebrate being busy with many things more than being great at one thing. Don’t believe the multitasking myth. 

    Doing more things does not drive faster or better results; doing better things drives better results.

    And even more accurately, doing one thing as best you can drives the best results. This is why I like to say “One Person, One Problem, One Promise” Otherwise, if you commit to nothing you’ll be distracted by everything.

    On Episode 93 we discuss a Time Management Myth – Multi Tasking

    The power of choosing one priority naturally guides your behavior by forcing you to organize your life around that responsibility. Your priority becomes an anchor task that holds the rest of your day in place.

    Great leaders confidently know where they get the most return and prioritize their time accordingly. These leaders experience the most success because they are secure enough to focus on mastering their one thing.

    In order to remain focussed we often need assistance. This is why on Episode 94 we give insight to Time Management tip – Daily Templates

    These templates help you:  Prioritize tasks, ensuring key ones are tackled efficiently. Automate the day, reducing decision fatigue. Batch tasks for increased efficiency. Protect deep thinking work and person time.

    Your leadership will thrive if you refuse distractions and focus on doing what you do well.  

    Time management skills are a constant practice when attempting to balance work and personal obligations. Another great tool is Time Blocking which helps you use your time carefully because it is a valuable resource.  We discuss it in Episode 95 of our Podcast.

    A great book on Time Management and Tools for Productivity is – Come Up for Air – How Teams Can Leverage Systems and Tools to Stop Drowning in Work by Nicholas Sonneberg. He is our guest this month in Episode 96 of our Podcast and his book is on our list of 23 Books for 2023. 

    As you make your way through enhancing your skills at Time Management and becoming an even better steward of the greatest resources we have - time - please know I would love to help.

    It is what I have done now for over 20 years – helped individuals and teams – lead with confidence and grow in clarity through one to one coaching or team coaching.

    Do not hesitate to Contact me 


  • Lessons we can learn from our Veterans

    We honour our veterans and take a moment to appreciate their sacrifice and how their service stands for our freedom. 

    They died for us, for their homes, families and for a future they believed in but didn't get to experience. 

    On Remembrance Day, we honor their courage, sacrifice and acts of heroism.   

    A few amazing lessons that we can learn from our Veterans:

    Be Resilient: Veteran's are no strangers to setbacks.  Their perseverance both during combat and when they returned home is an example for each of us to not give up when things get difficult.

    Be Adaptable: Veterans often faced unexpected challenges during their service.  They were forced to adapt immediately. 

    Be Disciplined:  When faced with adversity, veterans relied on their discipline, routines and training to accomplish their goals. 

    Be a Team Player:  Teamwork was required for success and being part of a team helped everyone together to achieve the goal.  

    These lessons can be applied to what we do in all aspects of our lives; financially, personally and professionally.  

    In honour of these HEROS, please take some time this month of November to remember and thank a Veteran for their service!  



  • A Leader who Anticipates

    Our focus this month is on Anticipatory Leadership.  A good practical way to sum up what Anticipatory Leadership comes from the words of Wayne Gretzky, one of the greatest ice hockey players of all time who said, “Some people skate to the puck, I skate to where the puck is going to be.”

    But… you don’t have to be "at the top" of your game, your organization, team or family to be an Anticipatory Leader. You see often the false belief that it is only the people "on top" that are called to be anticipatory leaders. The CEO, The Chairman of the Board , the person who signs the cheques. 

    Yet I love that quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson's quote: “The person who understands how will always have a job. The person who understands why will always be his or her boss.”

    Anticipatory Leaders understand why - because we are all called to be Anticipatory Leaders …. whether in our personal or professional lives.

    Your ability to lead forward will help you to move forward - and isn't that a goal we all share?

    If you do not want to ‘get stuck’ – then keep leading forward – it is the best way to move forward. We do that by responding not reacting. We do that by anticipating not just accelerating.

    So this month, we unpacked how to do that, by looking at what it takes to be an Anticipatory Leader by asking three questions on the  You Can Make It So Podcast

    Who is a Leader who Anticipates ? - Episode 88 

    What is Leadership that Responds ? - Episode 89

    How can Virtues help you to be an Anticipatory Leader ? - Episode 91

    We also welcomed a stellar guest - Matt Mayberry  - who spoke to us about a crucial element of anticipatory leadership in any size organization, team or group of people - Culture. His book Culture is the Way was our focus. It made it to our 23 Books for 2023 list. Listen to his interview, and his insights - Episode 90 of our Podcast

    Why are these relevant?

    Well, because while one of the things that often separates a good leader from a great one is that ability to anticipate.

    And - one thing that separates a good organization from a great one – is the Culture.

    Both Leadership and Culture without the positive virtues within a leader - is like breathing without oxygen - neither good or great

    So if you want your organization, team, and even family unit, to not be  void of greatness – then it is important to take some time exploring how your current leadership relates to the well-being and trust of those you lead – no matter whether that is one person or 100 people.

    I see too many leaders, business owners, executives -  chasing and not anticipating.

    They chase cash – believing it will solve their problems – but no systems in place for revenue – the cash soon dries up and off they go on the chase again.

    They chase position – if they get that new job, new client, new target – then they will be enough – soon they realize it isn’t – and off they go on the chase again.

    They chase a success found in today, and maybe for today it comes, but then tomorrow arrives – and off they go on the chase again.

    Even the longest Marathon comes to an end – so stop chasing – be a Leader who anticipates!

    Being an Anticipatory Leader is crucial to success.

    So skate not to where the puck is – but where the puck will be!

    I’d love to help.

    A lot of my one to one work is with leaders like you - helping them lead with confidence and grow in clarity. Whether that be one to one coaching or team coachingDo not hesitate to Contact me  – together we can finish 2023 strong by giving you tools to review the year, and set habits of success for 2024 as Anticipatory Leader!



  • A Picture of Gratitude

    We all love pictures! Pictures help us to capture important moments in our lives that we wish to remember forever.

    We take pictures usually at weddings, family gatherings, vacations, a child's first day of school and so on. Pictures help us to capture moments in time, which hold a significant place in our hearts.

    Pausing for Thanksgiving weekend is like taking a picture. A picture of our gratitude. Gratitude in family, friends and within the context of faith for what has been entrusted to us.

    On the You Can Make It So Podcast we did a series of episodes on Gratitude in September 2022:

    Episode 13 - Gratitude  - 3 Ways to Discern Without Regret!

    Episode 12 - Gratitude  - 3 Simple Ways to Practice Gratitude!

    Episode 11 - Gratitude - What is it and Do you have it?

    I encourage you to check them out.

    May this Thanksgiving Weekend be a time of much 'picture taking' for you, and all those close to you.

    May it remind us that even in the midst of the challenges, which are real for us all, we do in fact have much to be Thankful for.

    Always know I am here for you to help! I am cheering you on! - #letsgetafterit #makeitso

  • The Message of Momentum

    A greatly overlooked ingredient to successful organizations and leaders is the ability to create and sustain momentum

    John Maxwell often says describes momentum as either a “maker” or a “breaker” of success and longevity in business. Check here for a great blog by John Maxwell on this subject. 

    Momentum is key to any business's success and can often be elusive, which is why it is so important to know how to build a momentum model.

    On our Podcast this month. We are outlining : 

    5 Strategies of Momentum (Episode 85)

    4 Questions you need to ask when it comes to Momentum (Episode 86)

    3 Key Principles of Momentum (Episode 87)

    Here at Phoenix Life Coaching Canada we share a model with our clients when it comes to accessing and sustaining their momentum. It is a model focussed on ensuring an understanding of “Who” before “Do”. Understanding “who” you are (what your message is) before you starting “doing” what you want to be about. To understand this principle – take a listen to this You Can Make It So Podcast Episode

    Knowing your “Who” before “Do” will give you momentum – and here are three steps to aide with that

    Step 1: Clarity

    Clarity is king in building momentum. When the leader becomes clear, everything and everyone in the business becomes clear. A company should be able to state the message of their company in a clear sentence and have a rally cry of four words or less. The right words produce momentum.

    For ourselves at Phoenix Life Coaching our mission is to work with business owners helping them lead with confidence and grow in clarity toward results that reduce anxiety and increase profits. 

    Our rally cry is #makeitso

    Becoming clear about what you do and how you do it is a step to building clarity. Clarity produces momentum. The differentiator between successful companies and average ones is that successful companies know their message and stick to it.

    We did an entire series – Episodes 14-18 - on the value of clarity – check it out here

    Step 2 Make it Known 

    Once you are clear about your message, finding people who will carry the message is essential. But it is not as simple as just ‘yelling it from the roof tops” but it is about taking the message to the right market field.

    Find the right distribution channel or channels to be effective with energy and resources. Many companies make the mistake of looking for customers or businesses where their customers don't exist. Marketing alone will never produce results. Marketing to the right leads with the right message always will produce results.

    At Phoenix Life Coaching we offer a media service to our Full Service Coaching Clients that helps them ensure their message is clear and getting to the right markets – you can find out about that here

    Step 3: Link Your Message. 

    The more people you get to carry your message, the more likely they will carry your message. Successful businesses seek to partner with customers, vendors, and team members to enhance their organization's message so that they have a better possibility to make a market Impact.

    When a company's message can be repeated and shared with others, it builds a spirit of momentum to success. This fact is why connecting your message with your customer is critical to the success of your company. When many people begin to communicate about a product, service, or company, those things start to build increased value and brand recognition.

    Each September, I offer a free 30-minute call to anyone looking to improve their business through efficiency, growth, processes or time management.  I’ve done these in the past, and am happy to say I have seen a noticeable improvement in many businesses and the processes of business owners.

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