What is Full Service One to One Coaching? (Executive Coaching)

Our One to One Coaching is bespoke to your needs - afterall our philosophy is One Person, One Problem, One Promise.


One format is Full Service Coaching, also known as Executive Coaching:


As a Full Service Coaching Client ....

  • Coach Frank meets for upto 60 minutes singularly with clients upto 4 times during a month.  Direct access, structured calls and distinct plan to help you meet your goals.
  • Coach Frank is available via text, or phone for coaching in between calls.
  • Full Service Clients receive a personalized Client Connect Email with follow up after each session.
  • A strategic quarterly Growth Plan to ensure that we are working on the highest goals to create the result you desire. Then, we support, and provide accountability to work through quarterly plans. Doing this consistently creates breakthroughs in your business and personal success.
  • Full Access to our the #Makeitso Platform™ of materials.
  • Access to our network of professionals, as well as additional opportunities for growth.


Meeting One to One with a Coach, no matter the size of your company or team, can help you combat executive isolation, improve your thought leadership. elevate your executive presence and increase your self-confidence.


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What is included inside the #Makeitso Platform™ of materials?


Our Full Service Coaching Clients also have access to our  #Makeitso Platform™ of materials including our Group Coaching, Podcasts, exclusive writings, newsletters, our #Makeitso Journal, assessments and tools.


It will give you exclusive access to:

  • You Can Make it So Podcast™ episodes, questions and the Podcast Guides (which is exclusive to Full Service One to One clients)
  • All Assessment Tools used by Phoenix Life Coaching Canada
  • Tools in the area of Business, Marriage and Self Growth
  • Quarterly we make available to clients the choice of one of the books as part of carefully selected list of Books  or free copy of our exclusive  #Makeitso Journal™ as well as On Line tools to aide in using it.
  • Access to our exclusive Facebook private coaching community (and weekly Top 4 to #Makeitso)
  • Free Access to our all Masterclass, Group Coaching and Masterminds offered 
  • Unlimited Access to the Library of recordings including Masterclass, Group Coaching and Masterminds
  • Library of writings by Coach Frank (some exclusive to Full Service One to One clients)


Each Full Service One to One clients will also have their own exclusive unique Client File where materials from Coaching Sessions can be filed and shared resources remain confidential - a great way to go back and see your individual tools, trends and summaries from coaching sessions. It will also have a special place for your #Makeitso Journal™


You also receive advanced awareness of any other resources offered by Phoenix Life Coaching Canada from time to time as options for client care.


We provide a free 30 minute connect call to help you get answers to your questions or for more details or to sign up - contact us 


Why work with us ?


The short answer is We get results. That is why our Rally Cry is #Makeitso


Bespoke Approach: Coach Frank is there when you need him and so is our team: We are routinely retained for as little as six months and as long as five years to provide coaching and advisory services and remain on standby. There is one reason why - because clients time after time see the value of, and return on, the investment.


Extensive Network: We leverage the relationships we have built for each of our client engagements to bring a level of intelligence and insight that helps you Thrive. Things includes connecting you, as you need, with those who will help you say #letsgetafterit! Our network of legal, financial, media and administrative teams is there for your success.


Post-Meeting Support: We don't just speak with you once or twice a month for 30 minutes, and forget about you. We remain fully connected to you through follow ups, check in and numerous resources and platforms to maximize the speed of your success. After working with Coach Frank for even a short time, you will feel a level of professional support that will confidently allow you to Thrive.


Customized Solutions: We assess your objectives and the key issues you will be confronting and design our strategy based on your unique circumstances. There is no "6 short week and ...." or "try this program". Your Growth Plan is one created for and with you! We do not believe in 'cookie cutters", we believe in One Person, One Problem, One Promise!


Having Coach Frank and the Phoenix Team on your side will ensure the right steps are taken.


We focus on consistent engagement with clients, making sure we have a close relationship with them, so that they don’t have to rely on a negative event to engage, but rather we are able to respond in real time to their needs.


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Do you offer Career Coaching?

Discerning the right career and finding the workplace that matches it requires more than just talent; it demands foresight, adaptability, and the right guidance.  


We offer different formats of coaching to meet client needs. Career Coaching is one of those as we work with you to unravel your innate strengths, passions, ideal work environments, and potential career paths. 


Following each session you will receive a Client Connect Email summarizing what we have done together and listing task and next steps together.


You will also have access to our #Makeitso Platform of materials including Podcasts, exclusive writings, newsletters, our #Makeitso Journal, assessments and tools and even 4 free books a year.


Working together is simple. No long term contracts. All you invest in is a monthly retainer for access to Coach Frank in real time whenever you need sound advice based on a life time of experience as a coach, consultant, business leader and counselor.


For more details or to sign up - contact us 

Do you provide Advisory Services?




With specialized skill sets, hands-on leadership experience, a keen eye for strategy, and a professional network we provide bespoke, practical and solution-orientated strategic advice, guidance and experience in the areas of People, Culture and Governance Support, providing  clarity needed to significantly accelerate the speed, and quality of change projects and decision-making. 


Our overall objective is to help you achieve your long-term strategic goals. We develop deep relationships with clients, and a proven commitment to your success.Our commitment is to accompany you to success.


To get in touch with us


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How do I book an appointment?

Feel free to contact us  with any questions


We also provide a free 30 minute connect call to help you get answers to your questions.


From elite athletes to professional musicians to executives in the boardroom, those at the top of their game rely on coaching to achieve peak performance.

Whether it is enhancing leadership skills, improving time management, speeding up decision making, finding better work-life balance or something else, One to One Coaching is designed to increase leadership performance and personal fulfillment. 

Coach Frank has worked with clients at Nestle, Intact, Fairmont Hotels,  Kinross Gold, University Health Network, TD Bank, NFP Insurance, as well as clients and teams in the Construction,  Automotive, and Education sectors.  

Executive Coaching can help strengthen leaders, uncover blind spots, provide support and change behaviors that directly impact business results. It’s an excellent way to support leaders in their responsibilities. 

Regular coaching sessions,  direct access, structured calls and a distinct plan to help you embark upon consistent,  persistent pursuit of Thriving - Coaching works! 

             Contact Coach Frank for details on One to One Executive Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions



  • Improves your performance at work and presence at home

  • Helps you get clarity on goals for your career

  • Increases your ability to identify solutions to specific work-related issues

  • Helps you create greater ownership and responsibility for your career

  • Develops your emotional intelligence and self-awareness

  • Improves specific skills and behaviors to manage your outcomes

  • Helps modify behavior/performance challenges

  • Helps you to start living in a way today that will help you to THRIVE tomorrow 


We offer different formats of One to One Coaching for your personal and professional growth.

  • Learn how to manage your relationships with key stakeholders
  • Handling personal Anxiety and Communication methods more effectively
  • Help you lead by example, so your organization achieves success
  • Motivate your team to achieve results and increase profitability for your organization
  • Assist in developing your time management skills so you have work/life balance
  • Developing an Executive Presence to aid you with your career goals.

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You’ll Get Direct, Bespoke And Uncomplicated Service

  •  Direct access to Coach Frank in real time whenever you need sound advice based. 
  • Weekly One to One Coaching Sessions focused on a personalized Growth Plan
  • No long-term contracts (30-day opt-out)
  • Access to our #Makeitso Platform™ of materials and our network of professionals.


    Benefits of Executive Coaching

    • Enhance executive presence
    • Improve conversational intelligence
    • Define strategic direction
    • Enhance personal influence and brand management
    • Engage teams and assess their effectiveness
    • Accentuate strengths and build self-awareness
    • Learn to navigate through growth, change and crises
    • Enable successful plan and knowledge transfer

    Source: Deloitte Talent Series & The Gallup Survey