Are We There Yet?

    Every road trip – no matter its duration or destination, has one thing in common. Sooner or later, someone in the car asks “Are We There Yet?” Arriving at a destination is influenced by so many things. Not only the time it takes, but also the accuracy of the directions, and the clarity of the destination.

    Knowing your Destination is vitally important. After all “getting there” is always easier if you know where “there is”.

    But knowing is a lot more than just intention.

    I may have an intention to get to a destination, but that alone will not get me there.

    The catalyst for getting from where you are, to where you want to be, is direction.

    Direction supersedes intention every time because intention is not a strategy.

    But there is another factor to arriving "there", it is the choices we make in the journey, which includes the accompaniment and sources of encouragement to put around us. That help, in our “professional road trip”, is beyond just networking or joining a group or attending a Masterclass. It is about creating a professional circle you can trust that extends far beyond exchanging business cards or connecting on LinkedIn. Why is this important and how does it help us to understand our purpose, our direction or our destination? Well it is because when we are Surrounded by Success we are more likely to succeed.

    Being surrounded by ambitious individuals who are passionate about the work they’re doing can be energizing and uplifting. These people do not ask "Are We There Yet?", but rather they firm us forward as they say "let's get there!" This is especially needed for newly established professionals – but also for those who have been around a bit, and who are willing to add to their own compass or GPS.

    Our circle also helps us to understand with our Purpose. This month identifying our Purpose has been a focus on the You Can Make It So Podcast.

    Episode 123 - Our Guest – Ron Tite discussed his book - Think Do Say: How to Seize Attention and Build Trust in a Busy Busy World

    Episode 124 - Direction before Destination  

    Episode 125 - Direction – NOW WHAT?

    Episode 126 - Are We There Yet?

    Our society emphasizes friends, family and co-workers as essential parts of our professional journey. They are an emotional and professional support system. Friends can offer distraction and encouragement, family members give unconditional love and co-workers may provide a sense of camaraderie and even professional advice. However, there are times when we need a fourth type of support in the form of a personal Advisors  - board of directors of sorts.

    One of the great privileges of what I do as an Executive Coach and Strategic Advisor is I get to sit with accomplished and aspiring leaders and help them with their direction as they move toward their destination. I am a sounding board and ‘backstage advisor’, that helps them answer “are we there yet?” , help them hear "let's get there!", but most of all help keep them focussed on their purpose and where exactly "there" is through accountability and direction.

    At Phoenix Life Coaching Canada we work with individuals and teams helping them lead with confidence and grow in clarity. Find out more about how we can help you personally and professionally - reach out today

    Remember - Great Leaders Don't Grow Alone



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