Direction is as important as Destination

    Each and everyone one of us has emotions - and we know that there different types of them.

    There is a story told about George and Carl who were hanging out in the wee hours of the morning, with “a bit of the necker of the vine” well consumed if you know what I mean. They got talking about the differences between the emotions of being angry, upset or enraged. 

    So George says to Carl "I know how to show you what I mean."

    So at 1:00am in the morning George took his cell phone and put it on speaker and randomly dialed a number at which a sleepy voice answered and George said “Is Jones there?” The sleepy voice said: “there is no Jones here” and hung up the phone.  So George says to Carl - “that is upset.”

    Then at 2 :00am in the morning George took his cell phone and pushed re dial and the same sleepy voice answered, and George said “Is Jones there?” The sleepy voice raised and emphatically said: “I told you before there is no Jones here” and slammed the phone. So George says to Carl - “that is angry.”

    Then at 3:00am in the morning George took his cell phone and pushed re dial and the same sleepy voice answered and George said: “This is Jones - do you have any messages for me?” and the sleepy voice erupted and summoned every curse they knew upon George before they hung up...... and George says to Carl “that is enraged!”

    Thank goodness I don’t give out my cell phone number! 

    That humourous story demonstrated that there certaintly are different emotions. There is however a deeper emotion which I think High Achievers have in spades, and it is what sets them apart with the same distinction that George was seeking for Carl to understand. That emotion is Gratitude!

    People who summon the emotion of Gratitude in their daily lives generally express it in three sustaining factors:

    People of Gratitude are always discovering. They seek to find moments not only of personal gain, but also personal growth. They are learning, striving, seeking and embracing the determination that life will not become routine but will always be creative and new. They are open to ideas, perspectives and experiences different than their own, and for the life story that brings such to them.

    People of Gratitude are always awakening within themselves abundant sources of strength. They take time to answers such life questions as: What is the morale compass of their life?, Where does their strength arise from?, What is the source of their motivation, their drive, their determination? They also have a clarity about who they are serving (and it's rarely themselves) and “for who” they do all they do (and most admit again it's not themselves or the bottom line of a balance sheet).

    People of Gratitude recongnize that Gratitude is a memory of the Heart. People of Gratitude don’t forget along the way who has aided them, was a mentor to them, believed in them and supported them. I think of a quote I heard someone remark recently: “When you are from poverty you become a first responder. You must go back into poverty and pull as many out as possible.”  Gratitude reigns within those words! People of Gratitude are not into "comparing", they are often about "remembering" and "striving".

    I started with a story so please let me finish with one

    Once upon a time, far away and long ago, there was a salesperson travelling down a very rural road. Feeling lost, and spotting a girl of about 12 years old by the roadside, he asked, "How far is it to the Robinson Farm?" "Well sir," said the bright young lady, "if you keep going the way you are headed, it's about 24,996 kilometres. But if you turn around, it's about four." 

    Determining our direction is as important as deciding our destination. It is not just about getting from “here” to “there.” It is also about choosing Gratitude along the way - go ahead #makeitso!


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