Happy Father's Day

    Everyone is different. My dad was old school, discipline, hard lesson, tough exterior. I am different. Some men may have the gift of eloquence to easily communicate with their kids. Some may be better able to lay down the law. Some may have the gift of playfulness and be the life of the party in the eyes of their families. As dad’s, as in our role as leaders, one thing that often happens is we fall victim to the Comparison Trap

    Experience, not expertise out the gate, is what makes fathers "Dad." There is no competition, just other dads running alongside you, behind you, or ahead of you on our separate timelines and journeys. There are peaks, and there are valleys. The constant is time and that fact that sooner rather than later, it all ends. The kids move out, hopefully, and although you never stop being a parent, your time raising them does come to an end.

    So Dads, don't be dismayed when you're confused, worried, or stressed out. You aren't alone, and no matter how good that father over there may appear they've had their fair share of challenges, or they will. Celebrate, support, and encourage the Dads around you, but don't ever compare yourself to them unless it's simply to take notes to incorporate tactics into your own game plan. Reach out to the dad who seems like he has it all together and ask for advice or mentorship. I'll bet money you'll be pleasantly surprised to find out you have more in common than not.

    Happy Father’s Day!


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