Time Blocking

    We’ve all experienced the feeling of time running away from us. A meeting goes on too late, a work related phone call means you miss family time. You’re too stressed about a deadline so you skip a friend’s invite.

    But what if you could take control of your time? What if you could become a master of calendar planning and achieve your tasks efficiently—without the stress of missing deadlines or running late? Here are three tips which are part of Time Blocking

    Tip 1: Be Proactive

    Time is a reflection of our reality, so take control of yours. The key is proactively organizing your time rather than reactively responding to demands placed on you by others. If you want to dedicate all of Monday to meetings or need Wednesday mornings at home to concentrate on your next task, set that goal and make that happen.

    Tip 2: Create Boundaries

    Whether it’s leaving at 5.30 pm to be home for dinner with your family or a 20-minute gap between meetings to get up and move around your house, creating rigid boundaries enables you to shape your time more effectively and efficiently. If you know you have to leave at a certain time, your brain will focus on meeting that deadline.

    Tip 3: Share Your Week with Your Team and Your Family Too!

    Inadvertently, your employees or co workers (and even family members) can derail your week’s plans. Consider sharing your Ideal Week with individuals in your life to communicate how you want your week to go. Of course, life happens, but if others know that you like to keep Tuesday afternoons free for client calls, they will be less likely to schedule you for nonessential (and nonurgent) commitments during that time.

    Patrick Lencioni explores the three primary biases that often prevent leaders and organizations from embracing organizational health. They can also be some reasons why people choose not to use Time Blocking as a means to growth and success.

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