2024: Are you interested or committed ?

    Welcome to 2024, a brand new year brimming with potential and opportunity.

    In these first few weeks of January, people are joining gyms, buying planners, and making bold claims of sweeping change in their New Year’s resolutions—a time-honored, but often fruitless tradition.

    Unfortunately, the reasons people resist change, and why resolutions often fail, are nuanced and many. Some of us have a difficult relationship with change. Some don’t see their goals clearly enough. Some have trouble managing their priorities to make change happen. And for some, it’s a complicated mix of all three.

    But for all the reasons they fail, there is one thing that all those who succeed have in common: commitment to a strategy.

    The reality is this - When you’re interested in something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results.

    If you want to experience transformation in the New Year, you must be committed – not merely interested. You must have a strategy not just a resolution. You must commit to habits not just a goal.

    These four exercises will help you create that transformation:

    1. Be Retrospective

    How would others describe you? Would they say that overall you are a casual or a committed person? How about when it comes to the things that are important to you?

    As you look at the change you wish to make is it rooted in your values? It’s difficult to develop commitment if you don’t see the fundamental reason for the change.

    As you look at the change you wish to make are you willing to accept the cost? Every change has a cost both in success and also one to be paid for lack of commitment. The cost might be monetary, but often it is in time, access or other things you wanted or are doing. If you don’t devote yourself to the change you want to make, what will you forfeit? And on the other hand, if you accept the cost, what benefit will you gain?

    2. Be Resolute

    A standard of excellence motivates daily discipline. Think about the change you’re trying to make this New Year. How have you approached it in the past? Have you committed the kind of time, attention, and resources to it that will allow you to accomplish it with a high degree of excellence? Be resolute in your approach to it. Then use that experience to examine how you approach the rest of your year.

    3. Be Resourceful

    Change is uncomfortable, and commitment is almost always inconvenient. Plan ahead to ensure your follow-through. What is your strategy for winning the battle to stay committed to your goal?

    Do you need inspiration or motivation? Think why you want to change, and keep reminders nearby to keep your resolution top-of-mind. Will accountability help you stay disciplined? Look for a coach to schedule weekly goal check-ins with you that will help you stay focused. Click here to find out more about One to One Coaching.

    Use whatever tools work most effectively for you. Our #Makeitso So Platform has over 100 tools and resources. Click here for more details.

    4. Be Open to Re Evaluating

    Commitment may be the one thing that will make or break the change you want to create this year, but all commitment is, is daily management of one or a few critical decisions.

    Have you already made a decision about what you will use this year to create? Ask yourself…

    Do I know what daily disciplines and practices will help me bring about the change I want to accomplish this year?

    Have I already made the decision to make and keep those commitments daily?

    If I have, when did I make that decision?

    What does that decision look like in practice?

    As you review the above, I also want to encourage you to consider the Highly Productive Leader Challenge. It is a personalized 21 Day Challenge beginning January 5th that doesn’t create a resolution - but rather a Strategy.

    The difference between goals that get realized, and goals that don’t, is the actualized presence or absence of a strategy and accountability.

    Together we will ……

    Master Your Time: Say farewell to distractions and hello to laser-focused clarity on your dreams and goals.

    Feel Energized Again: Forget about feeling stressed out and exhausted. Spend each day energized and working toward what matters most.

    Turn Your Goals into Reality: Ditch the endless to-do list that never get done. Start checking off your goals one by one—all without sacrificing time spent with family and friends.

    Learn How to Kindly and Confidently Say No: No more saying yes to things you really don’t want to do or need to do.

    Whether focusing on a healthier lifestyle, strengthening relationships, or achieving professional goals - hope, resolutions and determination will lead us there - but it is strategy and accountability that get us there!

    You can sign up now.     BEFORE January 5th when registration closes.

    Remember at Phoenix Life Coaching Canada we work with individuals and teams helping them lead with confidence and grow in clarity. Find out more about how we can help you personally and professionally - reach out today - Do not hesitate to Contact me

    Wishing you a 2024 of Thriving!

    Remember - Great Leaders Don't Grow Alone



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