AI, Chat GPT, a Changing Workplace and the Summer

    The workplace is undergoing a massive, irrevocable shift. The only question for business leaders is, what should you do about it?

    Three major disruptors have impacted the workplace.

    First, the general consensus is that Covid Pandemic has been a redefining moment for our world. Home life is different, communication systems and relationships have been impacted, health care has been challenged. The work place, especially has changed. Work from home or remote work was a necessity during the Pandemic. But now, as things have re-opened, you see some companies - including some larger high profile companies – seek to return to not a Hybrid Model (some days at the office and some days at home), but a full return to the office. 

    This tension has led to the second disruptor, a transposition of the power dynamic between employer and employee. Gone are the days where the employer dictates all terms, and employees having no option but to 'go along to get along". In fact, now, employees have options . In an article for Inc Magazine called 7 Signs That We Have Entered the Age of Empowered Employees Phil Simon,  world-renowned technology and collaboration authority, speaks about a new culture and a new generation of workers.

    This new generation of workers, is also entering into a workplace that has a new player. The emergence of Artificial Intelligence and Chat GPT. It was surreal to see ChatGPT creator and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman stand up in front of the US Congress and plead for his industry to be regulated. It’s not often this happens.

    I went to the source itself (ChatGPT) to lay out the risks of unregulated AI, and it noted these five:

     Ethical and social implications: Unregulated AI can perpetuate biases,discrimination, and opacity in decision-making, raising ethical and fairnessissues.

    Security and privacy risks: Without regulation, AI systems may compromisedata security and personal privacy, leading to unauthorized access and misuseof sensitive information.

     Economic disruption and job loss: Unregulated AI deployment may result insignificant job displacement and economic inequalities if not accompanied bymeasures to reskill or upskill the workforce.

    Autonomous systems and safety concerns: Lack of regulation for autonomous AI systems,such as self-driving cars or autonomous weapons, can pose risks to human livesand require proper oversight.

    Manipulation and misinformation: Unregulated AI can be exploited to spreadmisinformation, manipulate public opinion, and disrupt trust in various contexts.

     Well said Chat GPT!

    So what is a leader to do?

    Well, the answer is not an easy one, certaintly not one a single blog post will answer, but how about an entire series on our "You Can Make It So", Podcast?  I am pleased to let you know two things:

    First, we are returning with our 2nd Annual Summer of Success on our Podcast  "You Can Make It So". This year's guests are no less stellar than last years, and in fact, they all take on a bit of an underlying theme, Leadership in the Changing Workplace.

    Second we will launch our series with someone who has written a great deal about AI, Chat GPT and a changing workplace, Phil Simon will be our first guest on July 4, 2023 as we get started.

    In his book The Nine: The Tectonic Forces Reshaping the Workplace,  (which is part of our of our 23 Books for 2023) Simon, who has 14 books, many of them on the workplace and on technology related topics, touches on (among other things) automation, dispersed workforces, blockchain, immersive technologies, employee empowerment, and the return of systemic inflation as factors that will and are impacting the workplace. 

    He is a sought-after recognized authority on technology, collaboration, communication, and analytics. He is the ideal first guest to answer what the workplace will look like in the future, and to lead us off and discerning next best steps toward thriving in an ever changing world. 

    I am looking forward to the upcoming Summer Series on our Podcast "You Can Make It So", and to seeing what answers we have as a strategy to take next steps together.  We will list all our guests for July shortly. 

    If we can help you here at Phoenix Life Coaching Canada to develop long-term solutions and drive your personal success and professional success - do not hesitate to Contact us . Also take a couple of minutes and check out as well other features including tools like our #Makeitso Journal, our 23 Books for 2023, and our Full Service Coaching 

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