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    While it’s true we don’t have as much control over our lives as we think we do, we can often overlook the control we do have.

    As a result, we can get stuck and stay in a situation for far too long — forgetting we have more choices than fear and insecurity say we do.

    This week, I have found myself asking many of my clients one, overarching question: “What am I choosing?”

    I ask them to question:

    Am I choosing fear over peace?

    Am I choosing security over growth?

    Am I choosing what’s familiar over what might be my new future?

    Am I choosing to be mistreated or am I choosing boundaries?

    Am I choosing my excuses or am I pushing through the barriers?

    Am I allowing what others “might think” dictate what I do?

    Am I willing to be misunderstood in order to stand for what’s right?

    There are times when we have to bravely say, “Enough is enough. I can choose a better path, a better way.”

    Sure, even in that choice, there are a multitude of outcomes which are simply out of our control.

    But even in that, the pathway is one of our choosing.

    And to be clear, fresh pathways have taller grass because it’s the road less traveled.

    But wouldn’t you want to walk a path of your own choosing?

    You see, the reality is that we all walk the path of our own choosing. It’s why, more often than we think, we need to pause, be honest with ourselves and ask:

    “What am I choosing?”

    If I can help you with finding the most life giving answer - why not email me.


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