Everything is “figure-outable.”

    Over the past 12 months, here at Phoenix Life Coaching Canada, we have been so humbled to successfully work 'one on one' with over 40 clients. When it comes to their goals we are laser focussed to #Makeitso. We are dedicated to helping you celebrate your ‘wins’, help you tackle your ‘woes’ and make your ‘wants’ something that becomes a met achievement. We are all about one purpose: to help you Start Living in a Way Today that will Help You Thrive Tomorrow.

    Our #Makeitso Movement is made up of five principles. Over the next few weeks lets look at these principles.

    Principle # 1 - Everything is “figure-outable.”
    I can’t remember where I heard this made-up word, but I do remember it came at a critical point in my own life. You see, if you’re not careful you can convince yourself that you’re not smart enough or talented enough by yourself to figure stuff out. And in some ways, that’s true. It’s why you need to surround yourself with people who can help you figure things out. I’m fortunate to have surrounded myself with incredible people who help me figure out things way beyond my skill set. As I often tell people, I have a very limited skill set. I can coach, people manage, speak and write, in that order. Together with some amazing mentors in my life, I have figured out all sorts of things that were seemingly not “figure-outable.” If you’re putting off a move because you’re convinced you couldn’t figure it out, let me give you some encouragement. If I can, you can. But let me also be transparent; you can't do it alone.

    So Principle # 1’s take away is this question - who is “coaching” or “mentoring you?”. The Value of Coaching is clear: Increased self-awareness, better understanding of how to leverage strengths, the ability to recognize other people’s strengths, learning new ways of doing things, challenging existing bias and barriers, accountability to implement and take action. 

    Individual coaching typically happens in weekly 30- to 60-minute blocks of time via phone or video conference. Each week our clients continue to show up, they are ready, and are making it so! They show up every week! That is the key! The only participants are the coach and the client, and the coaching program is 100% customized to the individual's development needs. If you don’t have ‘a biggest fan’ in your personal goals, the momentum is slower. The reason is rather simple, "everything is "figure-outable", but only with a nudge from someone who sees a way, and helps you to make yours. A coach keeps you curious, accountable, vulnerable but most of all successful. We are often focussed on today, and we dream about tomorrow. A coach is already at tomorrow, and draws you there by helping you live that way today. 

    I would love to make you part of the Phoenix Men who are daily succeding, and LIVING IN A WAY TODAY THAT WILL HELP YOU THRIVE TOMORROW !  Drop me an email today, let's discuss making everything "figure-outable", 

    So – let’s #Makeitso!


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