I think I can, I think I can .......

    One of my favourite children’s stories is the story of the “Little Engine that could”. I remember loving it when my parents would read it to me, and in time when I read it too. It is a story of persistency, consistency and mindset.

    Now admittedly as a child, I just thought it was cute and I just wanted to cheer when the little train was victorious, but through the years that have followed it has shown me a much more important realization …… that when all is said and done, if we choose ... it is possible. 

    In my almost three decades of working with business owners, C-Suite leaders and emerging leaders, those who have reached satisfaction and success have been those who in gratitude accepted, and worked with, today, but never lost sight of the possibilities of tomorrow. …. The great leaders I have worked with have never sacrifice the important for the urgent. They handle the immediate problem and still make sure to secure the future. That choice, however, has not come without hurdles.

    The most often, tackled hurdle is the temptation to “accept management of today”. This usually happens when we feel a bit overwhelmed, so our focus turns to “survival” and not “success”. We simply want to get as much done as we can to make the load lighter for today and “let tomorrow take care of itself”, becomes a mantra. I discuss that a bit in this article about whether we "Chase Cash or Seek Revenue".

    While no one will argue making today lighter is a good thing, and sometimes a very necessary thing, the opportunity is to not forget to secure the future. This requires looking at what is making overwhelm happen today and, most importantly, what can halt it from repeating again. That takes discipline, and also a mindset change.

    It is important to remember that people do not naturally resist change. People naturally resist being changed. And adopting a mindset that tackles the urgent, and the important, at the same time, and knowing how to do that,  is part of Excellence as a leader. I discuss this in Episode 118 of our Podcast.

    Speaking of it, this month on the You Can Make It So Podcast, we have been focussing on Excellence in Leadership. Excellence, not only individually but also as a team. Excellence requires us to not sacrifice the important for the urgent and still make sure to secure the future.

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