• Strategy not Resolution

    Approaching year-end is like reaching the last few pages of an excellent book; there’s that bittersweet feeling where you’re excited to see how it ends but also sad that it’s almost over. That’s where we are in 2023—it just so happens that this is also the perfect time to reflect, learn, and plan. It is why we focussed this month of December on Refect, Refine and Ramp Up.

    If December 2023 is like the bittersweet ending of a great book, then January 2024 represents the crisp blank pages of a book we’ve yet to write. Empty but overflowing with possibility.

    We must recognize that it’s not always about taking giant leaps; often, the small steps have the greatest impact. It is discipline in Habits that add up, slowly but surely moving us closer to where we want to be.

    Whether focusing on a healthier lifestyle, strengthening relationships, or achieving professional goals - hope, resolutions and determination will lead us there - but it is strategy and accountabilty that get us there!

    This coming month our focus will be about learning lessons for future growth opportunities through a focussed 21 day period of strategy and accountabilty - our High Productive Leader Challenge.

    The High Productive Leader Challenge will be limited in enrollment number with our Full Service Clients getting first spots. 

    The difference between goals that get realized, and goals that don’t, is the actualized presence or absence of a strategy and accountabilty.

    Our High Productive Leader Challenge is a personalized 21 Day Challenge begins January 5th (when all the hoopla of New Years is over) that takes the results of your Reflect, Refine and Ramp Up, and doesn’t create a resolution - but rather a strategy.

    Imagine starting and finishing 2024 feeling ENERGIZED, AMBITIOUS, and on track to achieve your GOALS - you can sign up now.

    Remember at Phoenix Life Coaching Canada we work with individuals and teams helping them lead with confidence and grow in clarity.

    Find out more about how we can help you personally and professionally - reach out today - Do not hesitate to Contact me 

    Wishing you a 2024 of Thriving!

    Remember - Great Leaders Don't Grow Alone



  • I bet you’re in one of these 3 groups…

    January is already halfway over, so I wanted to check in on you.

    How are the goals and habits you started at the beginning of the month going?

    I’m guessing you fall into one of three categories…

    You’re still crushing them and going strong, but you could use some encouragement to keep it up.

    You’re a little less consistent than you were the first few days, but you’re still making progress.

    You’ve already decided to try again next year.

    No matter which group you’re in, I’ve got something that’s going to encourage you and slingshot you to the finish line.

    Can I suggest participating in our 5 Week Leadership Challenge.

    What do you get:

    Daily short Podcast send to your inbox (listen to at your pace).

    Daily PDF worksheets to focus on and work at your pace (syncs with Podcast).

    Two Zoom sessions during the 5 Weeks (and a replay link)

    Lots of knowledge and tons of growth!

    By the end of the challenge you will have expanded tools in 5 areas of your life.

    Discounted opportunity to attend (if you wish) #Makeitso Summitt in Spring 2023

    You get to be part of a community that wants to grow in 2023 because Great Leaders Don't Grow Alone.

    Sign up Here.

    Alright - let’s get after it - let’s #Makeitso


    p.s. - everyone is a leader: in the office, the factory, on the job site, and in our homes and we all need to grow as leaders… so yes this is for you!

    BTW - P.S. - Did you listen our latest  episode of the "You Can Make It So Podcast"? Click here for the link to 2023 so far

  • Who is in Your Circle ?

    Welcome to 2023.  January 1 is synonymous with a fresh start, a blank slate. I don’t want to bum you out on as the year starts fresh, but here’s the reality… According to the University of Scranton, 92% of New Year’s Resolutions fail. Those odds are not in your favor. They’re pretty abysmal, actually. Why is that?

    It’s because most people set an intention, but they don’t resolve. When we’re resolved, that means we’ll do whatever it takes to meet our goals. We’ll wake up early, stay up late, push through obstacles, and defy all odds to make it happen.

    All the drive in the world will eventually give out, because you can only push for so long. But when you incorporate a strong enough reason why, and strategy into meeting your goals, and most of all establishing your habits - that’s when results show up.

    But here’s the good news:

    You can beat the odds. You can be in the 8% that achieve their goals by asking one question - Who is in your Circle?

    Take a moment and think about all the people you have in your circle. Whether it’s through your business, work, family, community...

    Be honest, how many of them are operating at a higher level than you?

    The truth is, you want to surround yourself with people who are out of your league.

    If you’re playing a sport, and you play against people that are all worse than you are, are you going to get better? The same applies in all areas of life.

    Everyone, including top athletes and Fortune 500 business owners, need people in our circle that grant us perspective. They give us sage wisdom and insights. And they give us the gift of anticipation of the road ahead.

    When you surround yourself with the right people it’s easy to answer the call when opportunity comes knocking. Because chances are you’ll have a relationship with just the right investment banker, PR expert, or designer to get your idea off the ground.

    So, let me ask again, what does your current peer group - your circle - look like?

    What might 2023 look like if you expanded your circle?

    Can I suggest two things? 

    1. Leadership Challenge

    I’m hosting a Leadership Challenge  starting in January 15th(but you can join at any point)

    TheLeadership Challenge provides the same training value as an intensive 3-day workshop series of sessions, but allows you to absorb the content in micro-bursts of 10-15 minutes per day for 35 days — all on your schedule. Each day you receive a daily email with a link to a short message and to a simple worksheet. You tackle it when you can each day. I will bring the circle, you bring the resolve.

    I have done this challenge for large groups in the past and I believe the insights you gain from this challenge will help propel you to the next phase of your personal and professional leadership journey and beyond.

    We will talk about

    Gaining Perspective (Clarity, Engaging and Thinking Differently)

    Discovering Purpose (Purpose, Problems, Passion)

    Determining Priorities (Strategy and Momentum)

    Creating Plans (Ownership and Openness)

    Inspiring Performance (Addressing Elephants)

    We will envision 2023 together and #makeitso. Get more details here and sign up today

    2. Full Service Coaching 

    With Full Service Coaching you not only get sage advice, perspective, and insight through direct live one to one coaching upto 4 times per month with me, but also access to our #Makeitso Platform with over 100 tools, articles, masterminds and resources to help you. And being a Full Service Coaching Client also gives you free access (including unlimited replays) to our Group Coaching Masterminds and lets you be part of our Facebook Group. You also have access to our 23 Books for 2023, our annual Summit, and so much more!

    In short - Full Service Coaching expands your circle - gives you Proximity - and Proximity is Power! I will bring the circle, you bring the resolve. Full Service Coaching really does set you up for success and lead you start living in a way today that will help you Thrive tomorrow.  Contact us today.

    As 2023 begins - If we can help you here at Phoenix Life Coaching Canada develop long-term solutions to drive personal success, help you through personal transitions or permit business success, determine your WHY and lay a personal or professional foundation for a better tomorrow, do not hesitate. Contact us today 

    Alright - let’s get after it - let’s #Makeitso


    P.S. - Check out 1st episode of the "You Can Make It So Podcast" for 2023, we take a look at "The Days after perfect" - Go Ahead - take a listen here 

  • Don't Panic! (Oh and Robert Di Niro??)

    So recently I spend a few days in Montreal. Those of you who follow me on Instagram or Twitter know all about it. I went to connect with business, spend time with a friend, and well, rest a little too. I loved what I was able to do in Montreal and so grateful. Gratitude is a pretty amazing thing. In fact, I talk about it in Episode 43 of the You Can Make It So Podcast as part of a feature on my new book Made for Mondays: Turning Habits, Gratitude and Clarity into Thriving which was just released – get on the list to get one here

    The last few weeks have really made me think about gratitude a great deal. I am blessed! The last few years have been challenging. From the pandemic to pivots in life, it has been a ride for sure for all of us. Along with me for the ride has not only been my family and friends, but some amazing clients I have the true privilege to coach and serve as a trusted advisor to.

    I work with some accomplished executives, entrepreneurs, and also accompany some tremendous guys all who want to live in a way today that will help them thrive tomorrow. Tremendous fellows one and all. I walk away from every call humbled not only by their trust and confidence, but their self determination to grow and #makeitso.

    But this past week something happened during one of my calls that caught me a little off guard. One of them said to me “do you know you look a lot like Robert DiNiro?” At first, being a man in my early 50”s, I wondered how I now resembled a man who is 79 years old! Now don't get me wrong, I was honoured and humbled. Mr DiNiro is an accomplished actor and someone on my bucket list to meet one day. But at first, it was a little shocking, then I got pondering.

    Let’s set the context – here is a link to a 2018 CNN Broadcast in which Robert DiNiro’s business interests are discussed a little. (maybe watch it and then return to the Blog… or you can keep reading).  I had seen the video referenced during my earlier mentioned visit in Montreal (something this client did not know).

    If you watched the video, (told you you should have), you know the broadcast speaks of the success of Mr DiNiro’s business interest in Nobu Restaurant and Hotels (one of which is coming to Toronto). But here is what it also mentioned – that measured growth, trusted friendships, and openness to learning at every curve, are the ingredients to the recipe of success which his enterprise has experienced.

    As we come to the end of 2022, this time of year tends to bring a natural look toward stalled projects and quarterly and annual goals that missed the mark and wonderment about where they got stuck. It also tends to inspire a certain amount of concern when we think of how big and daunting a project that we want to get done by end year is. Or we might even get a little “anxious” about unfinished projects, goals or tasks around this time of year? Maybe you even feel “behind” in what you set out to make happen in 2022.

    So, as a guy who looks like Robert DiNiro (so I am told), can I offer some advice – go back to the recipe book in the last days of 2022 and focus on measured growth, trusted friendships, openness to learning. Don’t panic, scramble or fret… but focus….

    Focus on …. staying steady with your habits, keep sincere with your wins, woes and wants and ensure that tomorrow begins the night before.

    Focus on …. taking time for family and friends – embrace the opportunities of the season don’t run away to ‘get one last thing done”   (there will always be "one last thing".... but not always a season). 

    Focus on …. reviewing, reflecting and renewing. If you missed a goal or objective – ask why and learn from it. 2023 will be here soon and you can start anew and fresh.

    December, which begins tomorrow, is the time when people start thinking of their goals and review their habits —but if you are someone who wants to thrive, you can’t take the same approach as everyone else. You can’t just make a list, check it twice, and figure out if you have been naughty or nice. Instead, it becomes about envisioning and painting that picture, setting that rally cry and performing at your very best. Check out this week’s episode of the You Can Make It So Podcast for more on this

    Next month I am going to begin discussing a 5 week Leadership Challenge I will be making available starting in January. More details next week but you can sign up here. It will be about Perspective , Purpose , Priorities, Plans and Performance - all critical to thriving.

    Until then, we will let the real Robert DiNiro speak –“Time goes on. So whatever you're going to do, do it. Do it now. Don't wait.”  Go ahead, focus on measured growth, trusted friendships, openness to learning. Don’t panic, scramble or fret… but focus in these closing days of 2022….