• Staying Put Doesn't Take You Forward

    I am often asked to speak to groups, or offer webinars, on such topics as conflict resolution, stress management, communication, work life balance and emotional intelligence. While all of these area fall under the umbrella of Personal growth, there are three things I try and keep in mind (and maybe you could too) especially as we continue to launch forth into 2024:


    I often like to say “staying put does not take us forward.”  Not growing does not help us to overcome obstacles. It does not lead to progress. You’ll never get anywhere interesting if you always stay put.

    What does it take to get us to move out of our comfort zone and to move forward? Remember these two things:

    Mistakes are not failures. They are proof that we are making an effort. When we understand that, we can more easily move out of our comfort zone, try something new, and improve.

    Pressing Onward. The most common trait I have found in successful people is that they conquered the temptation to give up. Not being controlled by our feelings means that we can face our fears – an important part of growth.


    Everyone is looking for a quick fix. Personal growth doesn’t come to people who fixate on quick fixes. It comes to the slow but steady people who keep working at getting better. Shifting from quick fixes to continuous improvement means to follow the impulse to soar more than the desire to wallow – and to make that decision daily.


    It’s important for daily habits to have a daily touchpoint. Think about the things you keep close by. Would you wash your hands every day if the soap was three houses down? Would you remember to drink water if it was out of sight, and therefore out of mind? An activity I speak about often is the “Tomorrow Begins the Night Before”. Sort out your priorities and keep them close to you. Use whatever tools work most effectively for you. Our #Makeitso So Platform has over 100 tools and resources. Click here for more details.

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