Who Before Do and Ryan Reynolds too

    Ryan Reynolds!  What an inspiration, not only is he a brilliant actor and comedian but a SERIAL entrepreneur.

    From being a co - owner of a English football team (Wrexham AFC) to having multiple successful businesses. He has just sold his company, Mint Mobile to T-Mobile for $1.35 Billion, this is on top of selling his Gin company (Aviation American Gin) for over $600 Million in 2020!!

    This is a man who knows how to build a business empire, that too whilst being a part of the largest movie franchise in the world - Marvel Studios.

    Who would have predicted that he would be one of the most fascinating entrepreneurs in the world right now?

    He’s not only building businesses, but he’s getting involved as a content creator too.

    He has over 1.7 million followers on LinkedIn, describing himself as “Part-Time Actor, Business Owner”, regularly posting about how “Social Media Managers don’t get enough credit” and taking us behind the scenes of one of his many business ventures.

    Ryan Reynolds is leading a new generation of celebrities who are not only leveraging their fame, influence and attention to accelerate and scale fast-growth companies, but refusing to sit on the sidelines with it and instead fully immersing their brand in entrepreneurship.

    Watching his progress has been a masterclass in knowing your WHO before Your DO.

    The last few episodes of the You Can Make It So Podcast our focus has been nothing gets better by accident. We have been seeking to help those in our Phoenix Community to understand where they are coming from and where they want to go - check out these episodes

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