Why I do what I do?

    “Stress is something you need to address. If you don’t make this a priority, you could be back in here with a final heart problem.”

    This is what my doctor said after a heart attack scare landed me in the ER and ICU for a few days back in 2014.

    Why did I end up in the ER? Let me back up in my story . . .

    I was working in a highly stressful role with a major institution. I had overseen two major building projects, was overseeing significant growth in services, helped implement an expanding staff base, and guided the office through one of the toughest economies our country has ever faced.

    I was stressed. I constantly felt like I was shortchanging one priority to serve another.

    Even though I had climbed high on the ladder of success, I wasn’t where I wanted to be. I had a clear vision for my life, and living with this overwhelm and stress wasn’t part of it.

    Sound familiar?

    .........Are you someone who’s overwhelmed, stressed, and struggling under the weight of your growing demands?

    .........Are you making little to no progress on your life goals?

    .........And do you feel like you’re dropping important life priorities—like your health, faith, family, and friends—because “work stuff” is too much?

    I want you to know: I’ve been there too. But fortunately, I’m not there today.

    After the heart attack scare, I knew I had to make changes in my life. I couldn’t keep drifting through life, responding to the stress of my leadership. I decided to take my life and leadership into my own hands.

    I used my educational background in Psychology and Spirituality, the skills as a administrator and people leader, and my 20 plus years of experience counselling, mentoring and coaching others and began the search.

    What I learned in the areas of leadership and professional development during those years became the crux of what is now Phoenix Life Coaching Canada. We serve overwhelmed, successful and “stuck” individuals and leaders because I once was one.

    Let me ask you to pause here and to imagine your ideal future. If you’re like most of my readers and clients, your ideal future probably revolved around values of greater margin, better health, deep relationships, and lasting success.

    When I paused, and I asked myself that question I too had those same hopes. I tried all sorts of approaches, listened to every podcast and read lots of books, talked to all kinds of “gurus” who promised me a “magic bean” and became frustated. It wasn't until one day I spoke with someone at the Institute of Coaching through Harvard University, that I first heard about, and then went on to learn, become certified in, and implement in my life the idea, of a Model of Thought, that was a game changer for me. This idea changed the trajectory of my leadership. Up until then, I was overwhelmed, stressed, and caving under the pressures. I felt stuck! 

    This was until I discovered . . . The Model of Thought.

    It’s a simple idea, but it’s incredibly counter-cultural to what’s taught today. In today’s culture, many preach a message that I, and others call, The Hustle Fallacy. It’s the idea that if you just work harder, you’ll accomplish more. But if you keep following this fallacy, your limited time and energy will cause you to shortchange other, more important, areas of life like your family and your health.

    In the above you are being led by your circumstances, and from that you are assigning thoughts, feelings and actions to make your circumstances right or wrong. But, what happens too, is that after a while, these choices make you lose sight of your results, or at the very least, alter them often towards an unhealthy conclusion. So this is where the Model of Thought comes in.

    By being aware of what is guiding us - results or circumstances - and then choosing to change your thoughts, feelings and actions accordingly, you change your entire outlook, and as many of my clients will tell you, your happiness factor too.

    But let me state it bluntly, its more than just a "mindset thing", it is about a process of re-wiring what is important (values), how you live it (goals), and how you 'make it so' (plans) type of thing. Its not overnight, but it is a set of tools... and once you start mastering them.. you see the impact right away!

    I want to help you experience The Model of Thought. 

    ......If you are feeling stuck at work, in life, at home ?

    ......If you are feeling like success is something you once knew but not now?

    ......If a relationship seems strained and not what it was before?

    ......If the next step in your career, in your life, or in your passion is a mystery?

    ......If the current Covid-19 chapter has turned things upside down for you?

    ...................Then let me show you the tools, and how to apply them to your life, through one to one coaching. Those who have done so in the past, they want family life comfortable, they want work successful, they want life enjoyable, they want their days less stressful

    One of the reasons I formed Phoenix Life Coaching Canada was to help clients get “unstuck so they can lead lives they have never imagined.” This is possible by surrendering what is “back there” which often gets us stuck, and accepting a Model of Thought committed not to the circumstances but the results, and developing a series of practices rooted in leaning in one direction – forward  - and with one objective - #tomakeitso.

    I am dedicated to showing you the simple, practical, hands on steps to getting unstuck and how you can use The Model of Thought, and apply it to your life in a step by step, measurable, practical, outcome based format. Why? Well because it has worked for me!

    So, - let’s Make it So! - Drop me an email


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