Momentum not Perfection

    Over 40 men in the past 12 months have been part of one to one coaching with us. They are "living in a way today that will help you thrive tomorrow." It has been humbling to witness and work within their success stories. Our goal is simply to give them the tools to #Makeitso. Last week we began looking at the Principles that are at the core of what we coach, and what I have learned in my almost 25 years of coaching and counseling.

    The first principle was - Everything is “figure-outable.” and the take away was this question - who is “coaching” or “mentoring you?” We all do need someone who will be our biggest fan, someone who will keep us accountable, someone who will authentically give us perspective. Someone who is already at tomorrow, and will help us live that way today. Having a coach is imperative to seeing things as “figure-outable”. If you don’t have ‘a biggest fan’ in your personal goals - click here because its time to get one.

    Principle # 2 - Momentum not Perfection
    Uncertainty and fear try to paralyze. It’s why, whenever I felt anxiety rise, I prayed for guidance, sent an email, made a call, took some action. Certainty feels good but can lull us to sleep. Uncertainty prompts you to get moving. I believe we often live in one of four zones: Preparation, Apathy, Chaos or Momentum. The goal is Momentum. Being in momentum, and not waiting for “the perfect” moment, keeps us in ‘motion’ toward our goals. Now, its not just motion for the sake of motion, its directed and goal based actions, but it’s momentum not perfection that will win the day.

    When we hit a road block, stumble on a steadback, or fall into a failure we are often moved out of the Momentum Zone into one of the other zones... we either kick back to the 'preparation' of starting to try to find a way out, we roll into 'apathy' with a desire to wait it out, or we jump into 'chaos' trying to just get out. But it is the steady 'momentum' that actually ensures the job is done. Now that is so easy to say, and yet such a mountain to do. Often, by the time we recongnize where we are, the momentum is a struggle. Again, its why one to one coaching is helpful. In one to one coaching you are able to have someone who instantly "knows the zone" and has the tools and the accountability that helps you 'get into the zone' that makes the difference.  

    So Principle # 2’s take away is this question: What zone are you in most often? Here is a good way to know. Do a simple "24 Hour Zone Time Challenge". Write down (or voice record), every ten minutes what you are doing. Of course when your sleeping you don't have to wake up everyday ten minutes to say your sleeping. Then next day, take a look. How much 'momentum" toward living in a way today so you can thrive tomorrow was involved? If you are finding that its not momentum, then with respect to your goals - what is it - apathy, chaos, preparation? If you do this challenge, honestly, it will change your perspective on your day. It will also authentically tell you if you are working toward your goals. If you want more details on the four zones, where you are at, and how to get into the Momentum Zone most often - click here I would love to tell you more.

    Do consider being part of the Phoenix Men who are daily succeding, and LIVING IN A WAY TODAY THAT WILL HELP YOU THRIVE TOMORROW!  Everything "figure-outable", but you have to be totally focussed on Momentum not Perfection!

    So – let’s #Makeitso!


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