• Busy should be added to the list of four-letter words!

    Our lives are busy with so much still to be done. And it got me thinking: “busy” should be added to the list of four-letter words!

    Let me tell you why I think “busy” should be a word that causes moms all over the world to reach for the soap:

    1. Busy focuses on the wrong thing.

    One of Webster’s dictionary definitions of busy is “full of activity”, and it is easy to be active without getting much done. When we focus on activity, we can be busy. But when we focus on accomplishment, activity matters far less.

    When you stop and think about it, busy is a four-letter word because it’s a seductive way to keep us from being accountable for accomplishing the things we want and need to do.

    Leaders must constantly ask themselves and those they are leading, “Is this the best use of my time? Is this the best use of your time?”

    The busy leader says, “My time is being used”; the effective leaders says, “I’m using my time.”

    This lack of focus on how we are using our time, is what leads to Procrastination, which has been our focus on the You Can Make It So Podcast this month.

    The Process of Overcoming Procrastination has 5 elements to it and I outline those in Episode 110 and Episode 111 – do check those out. As you do you will in all honesty tell yourself that overcoming Procrastination while a daily grind has also a lot to do with Achieving Goals or Adopting Habits which is inconvenient, it’s frustrating, and often, it’s emotionally draining. But it does not mean its not worth it - in fact - I firmly believe it makes all the difference between thriving and just suriving.

    2. Busy is a justification.

    We all have a to-do list, and for many of us, it feels never ending. We look at our too-long to-do list and tell ourselves that more things aren’t crossed off the list because it’s simply too long!

    We tell ourselves we wouldn’t have so much to do if only we didn’t have so much to do!

    That circular argument is ridiculous, but appealing. As a result, we continue building our list of things to do while simultaneously building our ongoing justification for not getting those things done.

    Episode 112 we looked at 3 Crucial Actions you can take to overcome the justification of busy and its twin procrastination by Achieving Goals or Adopting Habits.

    I also encourage you, when tempted here to give into busy, to go back to our Blog posts on Time Management and Time Blocking. They are among some of the great tools we have available on our Make It So Platform

    3. Busy is an excuse.

    Here an exchange you will recognize:

    “How’s your project going?”

    “Well, I’m not as far as I wanted to be—I’ve been so busy.”

    “Gotcha. Thanks for the update.”

    Busy is a pretty effective excuse. When we say we are busy, others often don’t ask a follow-up question. They take our “busy” at face value, which allows us to avoid any further, potentially unpleasant conversations.

    Episode 113 is all about "the Procrastination Zone"  and the Five Excuses that we often tell ourselves – it is a must listen episode indeed.

    Here's what I know:  it's easier to go from failure to success than it is from excuses to success.

    Our goal is not to be busy. It’s to be effective. So, get your perspective right.

    Change your thinking. Make a commitment to eliminate busy from your vocabulary.

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