Time Management

    Deadlines, and a to-do list that seems to get longer each day, often make us boldly trying to fulfill goals to “manage time better,” “be more productive,” and “focus on what matters.” Time Management seems to be an enduring dream, and a very real nightmare for many.

    It is true that time is your most valuable, non-replenishing resource. You can always make more money, but you cannot make more time. You must learn to manage your time wisely. 

    It is equally true that poor time management results in well intentioned leaders who consistently allow the urgent to overwhelm the important.

    This month we focus on managing your time effectively as an important professional skill to develop. Having strong time-management skills can ultimately lead to accomplishing key goals and advancing in your career. It can also lead to a great sense of calm in your personal life.

    On Episode 92 of the You Can Make It So Podcast we introduced Four Principles of Great Time Management.

    1. Schedule your values.

    2. Say ‘no’ to many small things to say ‘yes’ to a few big things.

    3. Create artificial deadlines for increased effectiveness.

    4. Empower others

    These four principles aide us also in tackling a Myth of Time Management - Multi Tasking. 

    The  title “Multitasker”  is a badge of honor many like to wear. It’s almost as if we celebrate being busy with many things more than being great at one thing. Don’t believe the multitasking myth. 

    Doing more things does not drive faster or better results; doing better things drives better results.

    And even more accurately, doing one thing as best you can drives the best results. This is why I like to say “One Person, One Problem, One Promise” Otherwise, if you commit to nothing you’ll be distracted by everything.

    On Episode 93 we discuss a Time Management Myth – Multi Tasking

    The power of choosing one priority naturally guides your behavior by forcing you to organize your life around that responsibility. Your priority becomes an anchor task that holds the rest of your day in place.

    Great leaders confidently know where they get the most return and prioritize their time accordingly. These leaders experience the most success because they are secure enough to focus on mastering their one thing.

    In order to remain focussed we often need assistance. This is why on Episode 94 we give insight to Time Management tip – Daily Templates

    These templates help you:  Prioritize tasks, ensuring key ones are tackled efficiently. Automate the day, reducing decision fatigue. Batch tasks for increased efficiency. Protect deep thinking work and person time.

    Your leadership will thrive if you refuse distractions and focus on doing what you do well.  

    Time management skills are a constant practice when attempting to balance work and personal obligations. Another great tool is Time Blocking which helps you use your time carefully because it is a valuable resource.  We discuss it in Episode 95 of our Podcast.

    A great book on Time Management and Tools for Productivity is – Come Up for Air – How Teams Can Leverage Systems and Tools to Stop Drowning in Work by Nicholas Sonneberg. He is our guest this month in Episode 96 of our Podcast and his book is on our list of 23 Books for 2023. 

    As you make your way through enhancing your skills at Time Management and becoming an even better steward of the greatest resources we have - time - please know I would love to help.

    It is what I have done now for over 20 years – helped individuals and teams – lead with confidence and grow in clarity through one to one coaching or team coaching.

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