What's Next?

    So… what’s next ? And then there's usually a pause. "...especially during a global pandemic?"

    The reason I get this question is because so many people seem to be contemplating a change. Maybe in their lifestyle, living arrangements, daily routine and even in their own career. And the daunting problem with change is that it often travels with its cousin - risk. You can't make changes in life without there being some sort of risk.

    Trust me. I know all about it.

    I've made my share of changes, some after necessity (like better habits following a heart attack in 2014) and others that could be described as risky - none bigger perhaps than when I left the security of a successful job in the non profit sector to launch a private practice.

    I remember all the Blank stares.

    The reality is you can't eliminate risk but you can manage it. And you manage risk by shrinking it. Think of it this way: A career or life change doesn't have to be a leap over the Grand Canyon. It can be managed to be more like a leap over a mud puddle. Sure, you might not make it and you'll get wet and muddy in the process, but you won't plunge thousands of feet below.

    There was a strong possibility that private practice wouldn't work. So, I decided to shrink the gap of the risk. And I want to help those of you considering a change to do the same.

    It's why I've created a free assessment called the Risk Calculator - drop me an email. This assessment will give you a red light, yellow light or green light in terms of where you are, as well as giving you practical next steps on how to manage the risk of each stage.

    Most of all, it will help you avoid being stuck in a place where your season has come to an end. Because, sometimes, the riskiest decision isn't to change.

    Sometimes the riskiest decision is to not change.

    Why not consider jumping on a call with me and we can discuss what's next together - Let’s #Makeitso


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